Stimulation Chemicals

We supply our customers with stimulation chemical products for the hydraulic fracturing industry. Our concern is to provide quality products to guarantee expansion of our business.

Stimulation chemical additives, used within fracturing fluids, plays an important role in maximizing the productivity of wells and fields. Stimulation additives enhance acidizing and fracturing operations, and improve overall production efficiency and reduce costs.

  • Hydraulic fracturing and acid stimulation
  • Completion
  • Production
  • Enhanced oil recovery
  • Pipeline and transportation
  • Refinery

Completion Chemicals

  • Workover and completion fluids are necessary to rework the producing reservoirs prior to production, and to protect the producing formation from damage that can result in decreasing the productivity of a well.
  • Workover and completion fluids of a oil, gas or injection well will enhance its production capabilities. These can include, among other things, acid stimulation and fracture stimulation.

Production Chemicals

  • There are a vast number of chemicals used throughout the production process and are compatible with the formation fluids and with the characteristics of the well.
  • During the oil recovery stage, hydrocarbons are extracted and separated such that liquid hydrocarbons and gas are recovered with the water and solids being removed.

Refinery Chemicals

  • We supply refinery additives that provide compatibility with different physical and chemical characteristics of crudes and flexibility when different crudes are blended together.
  • Supply our customers with demulsification chemistries that ensures your refinery pipeline runs smoothly using asphaltene dispersants, with premium performance and low environmental impact.
  • Paraffin inhibitors provide additional flow assurance solutions, preventing cold surface wax deposition and wax gelling to ensure oil flow through pipelines.
  • Corrosion control systems utilize inhibitor chemistries to offer protection to refinery processing equipment.

Pipeline and Transportation Chemicals

  • NeuEra International supplies chemical flow improvers including Asphaltene Dispersants and Paraffin Inhibitors. Injecting these chemicals in pipelines prevents the flocculation of asphaltenes and waxes.
  • During production and transportation operations, Paraffin Inhibitors help in preventing wax problems such as deposition on pipeline walls and wax gelling.
  • We also supply pipeline cleaning products and rig washes. Cleaning fluids and wetting agents help to maintain high safety and environmental standards.

Enhanced Oil Recovery Chemicals

  • Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) maximizes the amount of oil that is recovered from a reservoir. There are a number of methods used to recover the oil including chemical injection.
  • To increase the production of oil from an oilfield, a large range of chemical products for EOR can be used for EOR applications.


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