Prospect Generation

NeuEra International GeoServices has its network of multidisciplinary team of consulting experts with the right skills and expertise to evaluate the full spectrum of domestic-US and international exploration opportunities to generate drillable prospects. NeuEra International multidisciplinary GeoConsulting services include Frontier and wildcat exploration and Near field exploration. Our work has resulted in drillable prospects and discoveries in different sedimentary basins around the world.

Reservoir Characterization

NeuEra International GeoServices team of consulting experts conduct reservoir characterization studies as a part of the development of a reservoir model. The basic elements of a clastic or carbonate reservoir characterization study may include: Field development studies, volumetric and performance based reserves, etc. Seismic reservoir characterization, using inversion and probabilistic neural network (PNN) workflows, are a common techniques to quantitatively evaluate the hydrocarbon potential of a reservoir. In a seismic reservoir characterization project, the team extracts valuable information from seismic and log data that helps in both well and development planning. NeuEra International consultants have the expertise and knowledge and use advanced technologies to provide accurate reservoir analysis and answers that simplify development decisions.

Seismic Reservoir Characterization: Case Study


Geologic models are required as input to reservoir simulator programs, which predict the behavior of the rocks under various hydrocarbon recovery scenarios. A reservoir can only be developed and produced once; therefore, making the correct geologic model for developing an oil or gas field saves time and money. Using 3-D geo-models and reservoir simulation allows reservoir engineers to identify which recovery options offer the safest and most economic, efficient, and effective development plan for a particular reservoir. NeuEra International consultants are able to create 3-D simple and complex static and dynamic reservoir models.

Clastic Reservoirs

Clastic reservoir characterization is a technique for understanding reservoir heterogeneity and causes of compartmentalization within such complex clastic reservoirs. Emphasis is placed on the various styles and causes of compartmentalization of reservoirs and associated development and production issues. Integrated characterization of clastic reservoirs include outcrop data, core data, petrophysical logs, image logs and tying well data to seismic (QI) data. The answers by NeuEra International team may include measurements and analysis of static and dynamic reservoir properties, geologic controls on reservoir porosity and permeability, flow unit characterization for upscaling and geo-modeling and simulation, high-frequency sequence stratigraphy for characterization, styles of stratigraphic traps and compartments, and structural compartmentalization of reservoirs.

Carbonate Reservoirs

It is the extreme geologic and petrophysical heterogeneity typical of carbonate reservoirs that distinguishes carbonate from siliciclastic reservoirs. NeuEra International team utilizes all available and relevant data to understanding the nature of the heterogeneity to characterize carbonate reservoirs, for the purpose of creating drillable exploration prospects and development wells, and for sweeping the remaining oil reserves. Construction of realistic 3D images of petrophysical properties can be used to predict reservoir performance, and it is a multidisciplinary, integrated task involving expertise in reservoir geology, geophysics, petrophysics, well logging, geostatistics, and reservoir engineering. 3-D images of carbonate reservoirs are obtained from geological models constructed with core, wireline logs, and geophysical data such as seismic inversion data, and could be used to delineate sweet spots to sweep and produce uncontacted oil in carbonate reservoirs.


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